Profile of DKW South Africa

Fritz Eksteen is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and since his student days at the University of Pretoria during the sixties, he developed a special relationship with this marque. His wife, Magriet, is accusing him of having four rings on his forehead.

He bought his first car at the end of 1964 and it was a DKW F7 built in 1938. His choice was slightly influenced by the fact that his parents had two F7’s during the early fifties, and by the fact that mom drove a Sonderklasse F93  3=6 of 1958. He later advanced to mom’s car, followed by a DKW F12 of 1964. With the latter he had a flirt with motorsport where he competed in some club rallies and hill climb races.

As a student he earned his pocket money by rebuilding and modifying DKW engines and by rebuilding DKW crankshafts. This relationship is still existing, and he is not only serving local requirements, but he is also exporting rebuilt crankshafts. He has undertaken the manufacture of certain other components needed all over the world by DKW enthusiasts.

A number of DKW racing enthusiasts from all over the world have made use of his intimate knowledge of  racing engines.  The “cerametalic” coating for pistons and cylinder heads is a very handy tool in building reliable high performance engines.